Workshops subjects (English)

Alberto Paganini (I-1957), philosopher and inspiring yoga teacher for more than 40 years. In his youth he already choose the way of yoga as a path of life.
While searching for a yoga experience tailored to today’s society, he developed a unique yoga and teaching style, based on his own experiences, interactions with his students and the visions of his many teachers.
He studied different yoga styles (Krishamacharia, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Dru, Pralaya, Yin Yoga…), offer classes, workshops and teacher trainings in Bruges (BE) and abroad. He writes articles in yoga magazines and is the inspiring founder of Yoga Soma and the four year Soma formation for yoga teachers.
He is the author of “Prana Yoga Flow”, 2010, Ankh-Hermes and work now international with Heart Yoga projects.

 Possible workshops with Alberto Paganini. Every workshop can last (minimum) for 3 hours, or one day, or one weekend, or one whole week.

Open your heart.
Heart Yoga Flows for, with and from the heart. Heart Yoga in gratitude. Get in touch with the strength, softness and love hidden in the middle of your heart and in the depths of your inner Soul. Activate your heart centrum trought an inspiring way to connect heart openers, warming ups, asana’s, pranayama’s, mudra’s, meditations and profound relaxation with tibetan bowls and gong. Activate your vital energy. Sun salutations flows, basic alignment and exercises to experience the flow of vitality and strenght in your energy body.  Free your body and mind and radiate joy and intensity. Inspiring ’test, to check the strength of your open heart.

Prana Yoga Flow 1 (3 or 4), the complete flow
A creative, dynamic and relaxing yoga style that makes you feel alive, opens your heart and calms your mind. Creatieve sun salutations, 32 asanas with creatieve vinyasas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.
3 and 4 are more challenging variations of PYF1, for advanced yoga practitioners. They can be given in the same workshop along with PYF1, as options, when there are different levels of yoga practitioners in the same group.

Prana Yoga Flow for hips, back and shoulders
Flexibility and strength in the lower back, hips and shoulders. Discover the latent energy of life behind tensions and blockages. Exercises for a flexible and strong spine, for freeing joints, relieving lower back and neck. Activation of shoulder blades.

A journey through the chakra’s
A Prana Yoga Flow for each chakra. We work to activate and strengthen the body parts, energy flow and qualities of each chakra. We bring then the whole system in balance and enjoy our-Self.

Inner journey with the elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether
A Prana Yoga Flow for each element. We activate the energy of each of the five elements in body, mind and spirit. We work then on the balance and flow between the different elements and contact finally the stillness inside of us.

Prana Yoga Flow for your type: balancing Vata, Pitta and Kapha
Bring yourself in harmony. Basic knowledge of the ayurvedic constitution types and Prana Yoga Flow’s to balance the energy flow of each type. Find your own healing way of practice.

Prana Yoga Flow and the  energy flow: marma points, nadi’s and meridians
We explore the flow of the vital force through the main energy channels and points of the subtle body. Yoga practices to increase and balance the healing flow bring us deeper in touch with our inner Self.

Harmony in de five levels of man: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual
Prana Yoga Flow’s with focus on each of the five different levels. Yoga practice  to explore the working and balancing effects on the different planes of human experience, so that we can contact our inner peaceful Self.

Strength in your core, freedom in your hart, clarity in your head: come in touch with your Self.    Prana Yoga Flow’s to create:
– strength, firmness and stability in our core, legs, arms and the lower part of the body
– opening, peace and freedom in our hart, longs, chest and the middle part of your body
– clarity, awareness and calmness in our head and mind.
This allows us to come in touch with our true inner Self.

The taste of Soma – Soma Rasa Vinyasa
Slow down in a rebuilding, regenerating, deep relaxing, rejuvenating, steady  and freeing flow. Allow yourself to discover the part of you which is hidden behind your ‘busy self’. The healing power of slow, conscious and organic movement. Prove the nectar of Soma: the lunar ‘Amrita of immortality’ which renew yourself on a deep level.

Yin Yoga, Pranayama and meditation
Soft flow of life, inner rest, harmony, peace and quietness.

Yoga with the elements in free nature
During this workshop, we practice in free nature with movements, exercises and meditations to create a vivid connection with the natural elements. We connect with the earth, water, air, ether, sun, trees, moon, stars, ….

Yoga with trees 

During this session, we practice the “tree salutation” (similar to the sun salutation), asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques close to and with trees. Trees are living beings, closely related to the earth and naturally growing towards the light. Life juices flow through them, just like prana flows through our bodies. Exercising with trees helps us, among others, to ground, to lengthen, to breathe more deeply, to grow and to connect. Click here for pictures of yoga exercises with trees with Alberto

The pulse of life
‘My heart pulsates with love, like the waves of the ocean.
Wherever I am, I am at home.’ (Rumi)
We play in yoga flows with pulsations vinyasa’s, waves and creatieve movements to contact and feel the motion of the life force in our body and mind.

Healing contact: how to help others in asana’s with your hands.
Alignment indsights in yogapostures and cultivating a pleasent and effective way to help others through your hands. Practice with contact, breathing together, directions of energy and clarity.

Yoga Flow with Abhyanga: ayurvedic self massage with oil.
We practice yogaposturen in flow while we massage our self with oil trough energy lines and centers. We massage, vitalise and harmonise nadi’n, mama points and chakra’s. This has a positive harmonising effect on our body, emotions and thoughts. It is a wonderful tool for healing and warming self practice.


Book Prana Yoga Flow: A yoga style that makes you feel alive, opens your heart and calms your mind

Can we still experience inner calm, vitality, happiness and good health in today’s hectic society?

Alberto Paganini developed ‘Prana Yoga Flow’ for westerners: a creative, dynamic and relaxing yoga style that makes you feel alive, opens your heart and calms your mind. He provides detailed descriptions of yoga techniques such as bandhas, Ujjayi breathing, alignment, vinyasas, sun salutations, asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation exercises, and explains them with numerous colour photos.

A bit of recent yoga history and concrete tips about the environment, healthy eating and peace consciousness inspire us to bring about a harmonious world full of light, peace and love.

Prana Yoga Flow is a theoretical and practical manual for both beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners. This innovative guidebook brings yoga, one of the oldest self-development systems, right up-to-date.